Saturday, June 13, 2009


Tried the 50-cent Late Pick 4 at Churchill for $4 on Saturday - that's a 1x2x2x2 play.
  • I was alive with a neck win in first leg with Successful Dan holding on and winning in coast-to-coast fashion
  • Miss Isella hit the fence on her way through to win leg two
  • Macho Again got a good pace to run at while Einstein had tons of trouble in the feature.
  • I found myself alive to about an $800 return with The Best Day Ever and a little less to Hot Cha Cha. They both finished necks behind the winner Keertana. If the race were just a few jumps longer The Best Day Ever would have gotten to the winner. Oh well...

1 comment:

  1. Tony,

    I'm so sorry for that tough beat. Great handicapping like that will be rewarded sooner than later.

    How about that brave MISS ISELLA? She's got the grit of her sire and it'll be nice to see his legacy live on for future generations to appreciate.