Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Saratoga Video Finally Completed - Enjoy!

A little more than a year in the making - actually the video footage sat on the shelf since August 2009 before I started editing this summer. I was hoping to have this ready by the Spa's opening weekend, but life, racing and betting got in the way.

I hope you enjoy this 7-minute plus video. Excuse some herky-jerky footage, as everything was shot hand-held without the use of a tripod.


  1. Great work Tony!

    I'm planning my trip to the Spa as soon as I can find a free weekend...of course, raising children may put that item on my bucket list on the back burner for a while.

    At least I can watch this video over again.

  2. Thanks. It truly was a labor of love.

  3. Ken Burns couldn't have done a better job !

  4. Great work Tony,thanks.
    Since I won't be going this year,extra special.

  5. Tony,
    Ken Burns indeed (only he would've made it an 18-hour, 9-part series).

    Great stuff, really, really enjoyed the video. Thought the camera work and narration were terrific and you captured the essence of why Saratoga is so special to so many people.

  6. Vic and Steve,

    Thanks for the kudos...after all Saratoga is such a special place.

  7. Great stuff Tony. Enjoyed all of it.