Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Triple Crown Reflections

  • Super Saver gets super ride
  • Best betting angle - rider changes
  • Once again possibly the best horse - Eskendereya like Quality Road - sidelined before Derby Day
  • Huge exotic payouts through Triple Crown cards
  • Belmont to Travers victory for Drosselmeyer?
  • Lookin at Lucky has the inside track for best three-year-old
  • Borel approaching folk hero status at Churchill and beyond
  • Firsts for good guys - Smith and Mott and newcomer Garica
  • Back to the reality of finding a winner from $35,000 claimers on Pick 3 and 4 tickets


  1. Tony,

    Great bullet points.

    1. Does SUPER SAVER ever repeat that Derby win?
    2. Who knew Gomez and Desormeaux off would be winning angles in the Preakness and Belmont?
    3. ESKENDEREYA, IMHO, was saved the embarrassment of being a heavily favored Pletcher loser in the Derby. He's not 1/2 the horse that QUALITY ROAD was and is.
    4. DROSSLEMEYER, considering his wide trip, ran at least 1/8 mile more than the rest. He's absolutely a threat to take the Travers...what a showdown w/ LOOKIN AT LUCKY probably pointing there after the Haskell repeating Baffert's late season campaigning of POINT GIVEN.
    5. LOOKIN AT LUCKY is the incumbent and more accomplished than either the Derby or Belmont winners. Leader in the clubhouse.
    6. Isn't Borel already a folk hero named "Bo-rail"???
    7. Great recognition for Smith (completes his personal Triple Crown), Mott (started years of future Triple Crown wins?), and Garcia (after Acorn upset, the hottest jock in the country?).

    Lastly, good luck on the exotics!

  2. Thanks for stopping by and adding you two cents on top of mine - between us we might scrape together enough for a winning bet. After your pick of Drosslemeyer, I think I'll follow your next big pick to the window....

  3. This was one of the most confusing Triple Crowns ever for me. The Preakness was the only race that seemed to make sense at first but I guess Super Saver really hasn't had that bad of form all year. Drosselmeyer still doesn't look that great to me.
    I think Lookin At Lucky will really prove his mettle in the latter part of the summer and this fall.
    Great reflections.

  4. Tony,

    Welcome to the TBA! I'm already on board here, but now others can appreciate your insight.