Friday, November 18, 2011

War Games

For those frequent or more likely infrequent visitors of this blog know I took sort of a sabbatical leave from writing from mid-summer to the Breeder's Cup. This was mostly by design - a break away. Starting this weekend I will be devoting most of my Thoroughbred horse writing time to the blog dedicated to Derby Wars - a new online horse playing tournament site. If you click on the link, you'll see for yourself how cool it is.

My blog can currently be found at Horse Racing Nation's Blogroll. Within the next month or so the Tales from the Battle Field blog will move over permanently to Derby Wars. Each Friday I'll preview some of the races in the upcoming weekend's tournaments and on Sunday I'll provide a wrap up on some of the contests going-ons.

Thanks for stopping by through the intermittent blogs to come back again and read my Thoroughbred musings. Occasionally I'll post here, but the majority of my writing will be over at Derby Wars.

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