Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hold Our, Well, Horses

Yes, The Pamplemousse romped in The Sham. 

Yes, Quality Road broke free after sticking close to some very fast fractions in the Fountain of Youth. 

And while you may be chomping at the bit to lay down your next Derby Future wager, either at Vegas or through your Internet account wagering provider, let's take a breath today.

The Pamplemousse was, as everyone figured, a standout in the Sham - a graded race with Sunday's field could be defined as, well, a sham. Basically, The Pamplemousse beat a "non-winners of one" allowance field. The result was a strong looking public workout and not much else. If he stays healthy and on track, The Pamplemousse will go to the Derby as a third or fourth choice, due in part to a lack of experience (that is none) on dirt.

Quality Road looked like an outstanding sprinter in a field filled with such. The two main threats to now stretch out and catch Quality Road are Theregoesjojo and Beethoven. Add a furlong or two to the Fountain of Youth and Quality Road may not have been able to hang on. I was in fact, more impressed with both Theregoesjojo and Beethoven's performances and look forward to seeing both run a little further. 

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