Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Kentucky Derby Bragging Rights

It is a basic human emotion - the thrill of being first. Think back to middle school and the boy or girl who first went out on a date or kissed. Try reaching even further back to those students in elementary school who could run the fastest or finish their quizzes in less time than it took the teacher to pass out the multiple choice tests. How about your friends in high school with the winter birthdays who were also the first to drive - legally. Let's not even go into those first 21st birthdays and what that meant for the rest of us a little bit behind the legal drinking age.

All those little landmarks, monumental at the time, yes, gave your friends, classmates or maybe even you (cool dude or dudette) instant status. The cool kids, most everyone else aspired to or despised. What was it? Acceptance. Having the smarts or the foresight to be ahead of the crowd. Who really knows or cares, but we do for some psychological reason care; we just do.

In this spirit, fellow horse racing blogger Brian Zipse and I engage in a little point/counterpoint at Horse Racing Nation about just which current Kentucky Derby long shot/dark horse has the best chance of wearing a blanket of roses on the first Saturday in May. I went with Risen Star Stakes runner-up, Mark Valeski, while Brian went with the still unproven, Empire Way.

Do either have a shot to win? Sure. Heck, any three-year-old still in training is a good bet. And to think it's only eight weeks away from the Kentucky Derby and the opportunity to see who was right...first!

To read who Brian and I like and why click on this link: point/counterpoint. Enjoy!

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