Monday, March 28, 2011

The Problem with Lists - Derby and Otherwise

We are a nation of list-makers - from the mundane (think grocery), to the somewhat inspirational (bucket), to the humorous (Letterman's Top Ten) and even banal (top ten ladies or men you'd like to lay horizontal with).

The problem with any list isn't what's included, but what is excluded. If we buy steak this week, well, we can't afford ice cream and you can't climb the peaks of the Himalayas and sit on the shores of Bali at the same time, even though both have boxes with check marks awaiting. Lists are filled with decisions.

My problem with Derby lists is the criteria set forth for the 10, 12 or 20 contenders that follow. Some may create their list based on the most current races, others may base a list on the "potential" they see or worse those following along may just leave the list-making up to the "experts." (The same experts who haven't picked a Derby winner since Reagan was in office).

I say this as a member of 12 bloggers that come up with the Derby Dozen every couple of weeks or so. Confused? Well, you shouldn't be because if you follow the Derby Dozen created by, you should get the sense that while my 11 counterparts and I know a few things about Thoroughbred horse racing, we don't take ourselves too seriously and we try to keep it light. After all what does anyone really know about the Kentucky Derby six weeks away from the big race?

Without further ado your Derby Dozen IV is just a click away....


  1. Well I keep reading that WirePlayers lists just for the fun of it. And that's what matters - my contemporaries killing some time till Derby day.

    Has that Carly-the-videographer gotten a blog of her own yet?

  2. I keep my comments very light. I usually go for the pun in comment. A good example is my comment for Mo on the newest list (which didn't get used.) It was "'Mo takes them to Wood-shed' is the probable headline in a couple of weeks."

    Of course, it also allows me to put a certain horse at #1 that no else thinks should be that high. :-)

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  4. Let me try again without typos...

    I like keeping light, but I'm not as good or creative as some of my fellow bloggers. Fun, I agree, is the key with Derby Dozen.

    Knight Sky you lost me with the ICarly reference...

  5. Well said, it's all about having fun, I love being a contributor. It's great when horses have names that are easy to manipulate and have fun with!