Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Online Fantasy Dreaming

Thought I might get some cheap, cheesy inadvertent hits with headline.

Anyway, while we wind up for the Derby, there are lots of contests in play - Derby Dreamer, Road to the Roses, TVG Fantasy Stable and WinStar Fantasy Derby among the many that I play. My success is decent to mixed.

At Derby Dreamer I thought I might get into the top 25 with Friesan Fire pointing toward the New Orleans this week. But it's a no-go for Friesan Fire with a foot injury, so I wallow below top 100, probably. No Derby tickets - the top prize along with $10,000. There are monthly winners, so it's a site worth checking out.

Road to the Roses is looking pretty good as my Bada Bing stable stands in 506th place out of more than 20,000 entries. I have five horses going this weekend in the three Derby preps - Sunland, Louisiana and Lane's End with a potential to break 100 points for the weekend and get into the top 200. With a few weeks left, you can still sign up and try to win a weekly prize of a $300 Visa Card, but won't have a chance for the top prize - a trip to Derby 2011.

Far too many misses at TVG Fantasy stable for me to hit the top spot and earn $2,500, but there may be a chance for a monthly prize if I choose wisely.

WinStar Fantasy Derby is the most intriguing, as I have a few horses that could emerge over the next few weeks - Make Music For Me, Stay Put (LA Derby) and Backtalk. A couple of wins from these three would put me closer to top 200 and then who knows from there???? Top prize - trip to this year's Derby.

There's time to go on line and check some of these contests out. So go out and play!


  1. Tony,
    How do the different fantasy sites compare in terms of cost, usability, prize $, etc.?

    Derby Dreamer doesn't allow the ability to see which horses are other contestant's stables, but I heard they'll be adding that feature soon.

    One thing I really don't like about Derby Dreamer is they don't allow you to change the horses / jockeys in your stable from month to month. Stakes horses don't race that much or their form tails off & you get stuck with them anyway. I find that aspect frustrating.

  2. Steve,

    Of the ones mentioned only Derby Dreamer costs money. In terms of making changes to your stable and seeing other stables, TVG wins hands down. The pot isn't as high - $2,500 - but it's free. I really like Road to the Roses every year because it keeps me involved in preps and I have learned to play pretty well.

    Winstar's prize is fantastic for a free game and easy to play.

  3. Road to the Roses is pretty good I think. It takes very little time to get up and running, and once you have your account, all you have to do is go on once a week to update your "power" horses that are running in the weekend preps.