Friday, April 10, 2009

The List Explained

1) I Want Revenge - monster performance in Wood, probable co-favorite
2) Quality Road - winning ways continued, quarter-crack concerns co-choice of the moment
3) Pioneerof the Nile - best chance for Left Coast shippers
4) West Side Bernie - my long shot play at this point, ran well just behind Wood winner
5) Friesan Fire - deserves respect for sweeping Fair Ground preps, right?
6) Regal Ransom - ran handsomely in the desert
7) Terrain - at this point, another long shot choice with enough graded stakes money banked 
8) Old Fashioned - one more chance to show he belongs 
9) Dunkirk - if he gets in the gate, may be second or third choice
10) Theregoesjojo - hard knocker hoping to breakthrough in Blue Grass
11) Big Drama - pipe dream I know, but looked awful talented in last DQed "loss" 
12) Patena - final chance in Blue Grass to make Derby gate
13) Rachel Alexandra - dominating her gender, belongs 

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